So….   I have dabbled with yoga in the past, and by dabbled, I really mean been to about 2 classes…  The first one was at the gym where I was a member – and everyone else was very fit, flexible and knew what they were doing…  to say I didn’t fit in would be an understatement.

We then had a lovely lady at the hockey club who was practising to be a yoga instructor and running a session whilst our children were playing hockey – this was lovely and the most regular yoga I have ever done (until now) – I got to know a few poses and moves…  Sadly the following season my children’s training times changed and it didn’t work…

My second (and more recent) dabble was a visit to a hot yoga session with a friend from the hockey club – around the time I was doing the sessions above.  We both decided we were reasonably fit and how much harder could it be in a hot room anyway…  We arrived early and were waiting in the lovely warm room for the class to begin, wondering why everyone else was waiting outside when they could come and sit in tropical beach like conditions (if that is possible on the second floor of a building in the middle of Godalming High Street).  So needless to say we were roasting when the class started. (and we then realised why everyone else was waiting outside!).  The class was great but not for me… If I am going to be in that heat, it needs to be somewhere where the heat is from the sun and not manufactured!

THEN I SAW THIS VIDEO of an overweight Veteran and his transformation through yoga…  AMAZING!!  and THIS VIDEO of an overweight man’s (Jared) transformation through yoga.  Both on this Diamond Dallas Yoga

I have NO EXCUSE.   I have no health problems and NO EXCUSES.  Both these guys were practising in their homes,  I have the space, I have a mat, so I downloaded an App and started from the beginning.